Welcome to Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship Week!

Welcome to Scholarship Week!

For the first year of the Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship, it’s been a great success. We reached the maximum number of applicants well ahead of the deadline. We’ve also received some excellent essays. It’s been a pleasure to read the product of each applicant’s hard work and efforts.

Over the past weeks, I’ve personally read each and every essay and selected the five finalists. I then passed those finalist essays on to my judging committee. They will read each of the essays and ranked them on a scale of one to five, one being their top choice. Then the rankings of each essay are averaged and a winner is determined.

melissa read memorial scholarship

It’s Your Turn

Now, this is where you the readers come in. We will post one essay per day this week over the next five days. One essay for Monday, Tuesday and so on. They are in no particular order.

The clock starts ticking once we post the essay. I want the readers to judge the essays by sharing the one you really think should win. You can do this with the sharing buttons on the side and along the bottom of each article.  I can track these things of course.

If you like an essay and the message it shares or the lesson it teaches then share it with as many people as you can. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Tell your friends and family.

We will count the views and social shares over the first seven days the essay is on the website. This is to make it fair for each applicant to get equal time since the essays are posted in the morning and only one per day. Each essay will get seven days but of course, you can share and comment after the first week is up.

These site based rankings are then added to the overall judges’ scores. We will announce a winner later this month. I hope you enjoy this week and learn something from our scholarship applicants because I certainly did.

I won’t be sending out any more emails this week so that I don’t fill up your inbox. Check back daily to read each applicant’s essay.

There is still time to donate if you wish. Just click the donate button below.

Thanks again to Melissa’s Parents, Bill and Melina Wilson for matching our initial scholarship offering. They are a blessing to my family and it is an honor to know them both.

Happy reading!


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Tom is a doctor, husband and father of five with a passion for parenting and finance. When he isn't skateboarding, riding BMX, or jumping on the trampoline with his kids, he is reading and writing about personal finance. He helps high income parents educate and mentor their kids to become financially, emotionally, and intellectually self sufficient.

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  • Looking forward to reading the essays! I just read about the Melissa and the scholarship. What an amazing way to honor the memory of a dear friend who had a positive influence in your life.

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