Welcome Financial Samurai Readers

Welcome Financial Samurai Readers!

I created this site to help high income earners raise awesome kids. Part of the awesomeness comes from setting your kids up to succeed financially. This site emphasizes teaching your kids to be confident, independent and equipped to handle their money and hopefully entertain you along the way. Part of that requires you to manage your own finances well and there are plenty of articles to help you, the parents.

If you’re one of my regular readers then head over to FinancialSamurai.com and check out my post on the thoughts I used to create our family trust.

If you’re a Financial Samurai reader, welcome! I’m glad you decided to check out my site. Those of you who want to know more about the site can Start Here.  If you want to know who I am, then check out the My Story page.

Some of my more popular posts are Setting Your Kids Up for Financial Success, Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication and Should I Pay Down Debt or Save for an Emergency Fund?   Some other popular posts include my HIP Monthly Round Up Series where I highlight the other blog articles around the web that interest high income parents.

Like Sam’s, this site is geared toward high income earners. HighIncomeParents.com also has an emphasis on parenting. (I know, who would have thought!)

Take a Look

I hope you’ll look around and if you enjoy the articles. Please feel free to sign up for the email list on the sign-up form at the bottom of the page. I send out an email that just gives you a link to the most recent blog article. You also get access to download my retirement calculator, investments calculator, and spousal survival checklist.

The usual schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and you can unsubscribe anytime if the articles aren’t useful to you. You could also follow me on Feedly.com. There is a convenient button on the bottom of the page.

Welcome Financial Samurai Readers

I write for these people 🙂

The more of you who subscribe, visit the advertisements, and read the blog, the more I can donate to our site sponsored Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship. You can read all about her story and what she meant to my family from the link. We’ve already received the maximum number of entries (which is super exciting to us for a first-year blog) and will be celebrating scholarship week soon.

I’m always happy to answer any questions. If you want to comment or Email Me, I’m usually pretty quick to reply. Thanks again for stopping by.


Your Humble Financial Servant,


Tom @ HIP

Tom is a doctor, husband and father of five with a passion for parenting and finance. When he isn't skateboarding, riding BMX, or jumping on the trampoline with his kids, he is reading and writing about personal finance. He helps high income parents educate and mentor their kids to become financially, emotionally, and intellectually self sufficient.

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