Move Along, Nothing to See Here June 2017

Time for another installment of the super exciting, crazy outrageous blog stats. If you’re reading this, you are truly in the know, that or super curious to randomly click a heart at the end of my copyright in the footer.

I haven’t been posting blog stats in the posts that are published every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I may do that on a yearly basis to give my nonblogging readers an update but for my blogging friends, I know you need updates a little more frequently, just to get your blogging monthly stat fix.

Okay so we go:


I’ve discovered the Alexa toolbar ranking. I’m so close to being in the top 500,000 websites in the world and just broke the top 70,000 in the US. I’ve seen numbers as high (or low?) as top 65000 in the US.

My page views and visitors count are slightly down from last month but the engagement is much better. Visitors are staying around and looking at an average of 3 pages each time. There is one less day in June than May so that also slightly affects pageview.

I had a rockstar feature (huge honor) in May but not in June so that accounted for a big part of the traffic difference.

I did have the honor of a White Coat Investor guest post on the last day of May and a link to my Magnificient 7 Investments in his monthly newsletter. received a nice boost in traffic over the next few days. Thanks, Dr. Dahle!

The very next day PhysicianOnFire featured my guest post The Story of Dr. Moneybags that generated some nice conversation and comments. That post was picked up by Doximity and brought more potential lifelong readers to the site. Muchas gracias PoF!


Here are the google analytics Pageview stats. I had a big boost right at the beginning of the month with the PhysicianOnFIRE guest post and then things were pretty steady the rest of the month.

J-Money at BudgetsAreSexy was awesome enough to feature another guest post, Is It Possible to Invest (Socially) Responsibly,  that resulted in the June 23rd traffic bump.

Several other awesome bloggers linked to my content during the month, including DadsDollarsDebts, LifeZemplified, PassiveIncomeMDFutureProofMD, and TheMicawber Principle.

If I’ve forgotten anyone I wholeheartedly apologize. Thanks to anyone else who has tweeted, liked or linked to my content. I try my best to do the same and highlight the articles I really enjoy during the month.

No Money, No Problems

Just in case anyone was wondering if blogging can make you rich, it certainly has made me rich,

with entertainment, knowledge, and friendships.

As for financially rich, Ummm, no.

I currently use Amazon, Adsense and some other affiliates networks like Flexoffers and CJ.

I’ve made a total of $1.71 from Amazon, $38.46 from Adsense and $37.75 from CJ. Nada from Flexoffers.

More Stats?

Email subscribers: 152

Facebook Likes: 11

Twitter Fans: 1245

Feedly follow us in feedly: 44

Pinterest Followers: 75

I’m trying my best with Pinterest but it is really hard to keep straight which board I’ve posted which image where. I probably need to invest in some program to automate it but I’m trying to keep costs down and bootstrap this blog to the best of my ability.


Top Posts:

  1. Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication
  2. Magnificient 7 Investments for High Income Parents
  3. Paying Down Debt Vs Emergency Fund

Top Pages:

  1. Home Page
  2. Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship
  3. Start Here

This year I’m donating $1,000 to the scholarship commemorating the memory of my friend Melissa Read. She tragically died in a car accident about three years ago. As the blog grows and I’m able to find sponsors, I hope to increase the scholarship amount to be able to fully fund a year of undergraduate and graduate education for at least two deserving students. Melissa’s parents graciously matched my donation this year. If you would like to donate to the scholarship you can do so here:

What’s in Store?

I’m continually looking for quality sites to contribute more of my content. If you have any favorite parenting or financial sites that you think might feature my content, I would love to hear about them. I will continue to explore guest post ideas and contribute when I feel like I can add value to the other bloggers’ sites.

I’ve recorded two podcast interviews that should be coming out in July or August. I’ll be sure to let you know when the podcasters give me an airing date.

I will be starting a feature called the HIP Exam (get it High Income Parent Exam). This feature is a Q&A interview series that explores how other high income earners approach finances with their kids. If you make six figures annually, have kids and have some awesome financial wisdom to drop on some other parents, email me. It’s laid back and hopefully a fun Q&A interview with me (via email of course).

If you want to spread this page around to other bloggers, forums or Facebook groups you frequent to help new and old bloggers alike see one guy’s approach to growing a blog, then, by all means, please do so. I love seeing other bloggers progress, their successes, failures, and strategies. Hopefully, this will help some of you.

If you missed May’s update, bam –>

May 2017

Have a great month and for my American Comrades,


Tom @ HIP


4 Responses to “Move Along, Nothing to See Here June 2017

  • You’re rockin’ it, Tom! FWIW, I only briefly flirted with Pinterest. There’s only so much time we can devote to these different channels. Twitter is my mainstay, but I do interact on Facebook some.

    I love hearing about the scholarship, but sorry to hear about your friend, of course.


    • Thanks PoF. That gives me some hope since you’ve been killin’ it without Pinterest. I’ll keep plugging away.

      Tom @ HIP

  • Tom, nice stats. Very nice of your to share with others who are just starting out. I leave the site management tasks to Mr.Need2Save. I have no idea how well we do, but it’s not the reason we are blogging anyway. We haven’t tried to monetize yet. Just having loads of fun interacting with like-minded folks (high-income-parents and otherwise).


    • Thanks Mrs. N2S. I think it shows if you get into this only to monetize. Honestly if just my kids and family read my blog I would be happy but I hope it helps some other people too.
      It would be nice to make some additional income for the effort though. Hopefully I’ll be able to create some win, win situations where people that need good value and honest financial products can find those through this site.

      Tom @ HIP

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