Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship

Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship

Melissa Read

Update 8/31/2017:

Congratulations Tyler Whitney for winning the Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship.

We appreciate all the essays submitted and wish all applicants well this year.

It is a great honor to help remember my friend Melissa and carry on one of the passions, namely education,  in her life through other students. Thank you to all applicants for your efforts and look for updates about next years scholarship in the future.

To all students, study hard and pursue your dreams!


Tom @ HIP


 It is my great honor to announce the first year of the Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship brought to you by Melissa was a great friend of my wife and myself who lost her life in a car accident March 6th, 2014.  This scholarship is named for her because she embodied the qualities that we are trying to promote here.


She was caring and great with our five children. They always loved visiting their “Aunt Melissa”.  Known as a voracious reader, she was also a great advocate of education.  She appreciated experiences and relationships over materialism.  My wife called Melissa her best friend. She was always there for my wife while Melissa’s husband (another doctor) and I were frequently gone due to long work hours in our training and careers. She is missed, loved and I want this scholarship to be a small token of the appreciation we have for her in our lives.

Here at High Income Parents, we value education, and we especially value education at a reduced cost.  The value of the scholarship is currently at $2000. Any other donations made will be added to the scholarship and the total amount will be updated regularly on this page. is completely responsible for the cost of administering the scholarship. All funds will go to the winner. If you would like to contribute, you will be recognized on the site. See details below.

After informing Melissa’s parents of the scholarship they were overwhelmed and extremely happy that she would be honored in this way. Mr. Bill Wilson and his wife Melinda have graciously donated to the scholarship fund as well.  I want to thank them for their friendship and bringing up such a wonderful daughter that contributed so much to all of my family’s lives. 


Who can apply?

Applicants must either be enrolled or actively be applying for enrollment to an undergraduate program. Students at technical, community and four-year colleges are welcome to apply. Your enrollment and good standing will be verified if you are selected as a finalist. There will be five finalists selected by me and then judged by a select group of teachers I have requested to read the finalist essays.

What is the application?

The application consists of:

  1. Your Full Legal Name
  2. Mailing Address
  3.  Full Name of School you Attend or Planning to Attend
  4. Anticipated Degree
  5. Your Email Address
  6. 600-1200 Word Proofread Essay in English over this year’s topic


What is the Topic?

This year’s topic question is:

What is the worst financial decision you have made and what did you learn from it?


How do I submit my essay and other required information?

Send the essay with other information in a .doc file (written in Microsoft Word) as an email attachment to [email protected] with the subject line “Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship”. You can start to submit the applications May 1st. We will read the first 100 essays(if we get that many). The final day to submit the application and essay is August 1st. The winner will be announced September 1st.  Please keep the essay within the word requirements and follow the application rules stated above.

How do I win?

The first 100 essays will be read by the staff at We will select the top five finalists and post the essays to the site.  The final winner will be selected by two criteria. Once the essay is published to the site, a scholarship selection committee appointed by myself will rank the essays on a score of 1 to 5. (1 is the best, 5 is the worst). The number of social shares will also factor into the selection committee’s decision, so be sure to share your essay and tell everyone about the scholarship if you are a finalist.

What happens if I win?

Once selected, the winner is notified and a check will be mailed to the address you request.  As long as all the money is used for education-related expenses the fund should not be taxable but please consult your accountant or visit for more information. The amount of the scholarship is classified as a marketing expense for the website. 

How can I contribute to the Scholarship?

If you would like to donate to the scholarship you can donate through the PayPal button below. Use the friends and family option to maximize your donation, but this must be done through a bank account. Donate to the email address: [email protected].  If you need to use a credit card, we can send you an invoice. Just email us, and we will send the invoice.

If you would like to be a corporate sponsor to the scholarship, please email me and you will be acknowledged on the scholarship page. The donation isn’t tax-deductible but you can claim it as a marketing expense because I will display your name in the donor credits and the scholarship page. 


Mr. Bill and Mrs. Melinda Wilson



Download, print and distribute our flyer to your classmates or organization at:

Melissa Read Memorial Scholarship Flyer


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