Magnificent 7 Financial Reasons to Live in the Country with Kids

Financial Reasons to Live in the Country with Kids

Are you a high income earner that has a location independent job? Maybe you have always thought about living away from the stress and noise of the city. Do you favor quiet and wide open spaces? Maybe you should move to the country, but is it good for your kids? Here are my top seven financial reasons for raising your kids in the country.

1.More Access to Farm Fresh Food


Farm Fresh!

If farmers and ranchers are all around you, there can be farmers markets and vegetable and fruit stands everywhere. We bought grass-fed beef for $2.59 a pound when we visited my relatives in rural Idaho a couple of years back. That goes for at least $6-7 dollars where I live now. You have the opportunity to grow your own and save on food cost as well. You can learn a lot and also teach a lot to your kids in the process.  In the rural setting, you can feed a family healthier foods for a lower cost if you know where to look.


2. Less Advertisement


Who needs commercials?

Advertisers are constantly in your face and demanding of your kids. We like to think we are immune to advertising as financially conscientious parents that hope to raise self-sufficient and frugal kids, but they wouldn’t keep advertising if it didn’t work. Companies are less likely to target low-density populations, so you get less exposure to advertising.  Therefore; there are fewer opportunities to spend because something flashy and new is put in front of your face.


3. More Agricultural and Animal Care Knowledge

Kids have the opportunity to grow up with more practical knowledge of animals and plants which can lead to savings as an adult. Even if they move to the city later in life, an herb garden, or raising a few chickens for eggs is a cost-savings and health benefit. If they stay in the country, they could have more land and a huge garden.  Some milk cows or a flock of chickens are more accessible away from the city.

4. Kids Less Likely to Have Allergies and ADHD


Allergens being gobbled up

There was a recent study published in Science that showed kids raised on a farm are less likely to have asthma and allergies. The study pointed to a bacteria that is present on farms and triggers an immune response that prevents allergies. This study was done in mice, but the fact is farm kids have fewer allergies.

Another benefit is a reduction in ADHD/ADD symptoms if your child or yourself are dealing with this.  There is a phenomenon called “Green Space Therapy” where exposure to wide open spaces leads to fewer problems with attention and outbursts.  “Attention Fatigue” can result when a child or even an adult is required to focus on one speaker or one object for a long period of time. This phenomenon was lessened when attention requiring activities were performed in wide open, green spaces. These kids are also more likely to run around and burn off some energy with lots of wide open spaces around. This could lead to less medical costs in this area.


5. More Access to Camping and Overall Outdoor Activities.

Learning how to hike, camp, climb and interact with nature are talents everyone should have. Just driving from town to town and breaking down in a rural area could be fatal in the right environment. If the child is exposed to outdoor living and simple survival training, this will help in all areas of life, especially financially.

It is pretty hard to grow up and make a reasonable living if you are shivering in a ditch somewhere afraid for your life.  It also lends itself to more interaction with parents and other adults that can lead and mentor the child. 


6. Grow to Appreciate the Land

The average age of the American farmer is 60 years old. They say if an industry has an average age greater than 34 it is a dying industry.  We need more people who appreciate farming and our food source. Without our farmers where would any of us be?

Growing up in the country allows kids more exposure to the salt of the earth, our American farmers. Having access to land for quality management that renews the resources of the land, not destroying it will build us a better future as a country and improve our food sources.  It isn’t easy but it’s a lesson we should be teaching all of our children.  

7. More Opportunity to Bond as a Family

When you have fewer distractions from outside influences, there is more time to bond as a family. There is more time for Mom and Dad to mentor the children. The children are more likely to get involved with the day-to-day activities on a larger piece of land out in the country.  Growing vegetables and fruits, raising animals, taking care of wildlife and managing the land, in general, are great areas to get kids involved at a very young age.


So what do you think? Do you long for a quiet life in the country? Do you prefer the advantages of a city? What do you think about our agriculture industry in America today? Comment below!

Financial Reason to live in the country with kids

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Tom is a doctor, husband and father of five with a passion for parenting and finance. When he isn't skateboarding, riding BMX, or jumping on the trampoline with his kids, he is reading and writing about personal finance. He helps high income parents educate and mentor their kids to become financially, emotionally, and intellectually self sufficient.

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